Where To Travel in May

By the time the month of May rolls around the weather in southern Australia is beginning to get quite cool, but you will still be able to find some great places to visit here, particularly in areas where there are an abundence of colourful Autumn leaves. Some of the more popular places to visit in Australia during May, however, are in Northern Territory, northern Western Australia and tropical North Queensland. In these regions you will find that the days are full of sunshine, the temperature is warm and the prices are not unreasonable. Regardless of where you travel to you will be pleased to know that there are no school holidays in May, which means that accommodation and flights are a lot easier to find.

Below are some great ideas of Where to Travel in May for a Memorable Holiday:

Barossa Valley, South Australia   

Ideal For : Couples looking for a romantic getaway, international travellers and wine lovers.
The weather across the Barossa Valley consists of mild winters (May - September) with average maximum daily temperatures ranging from 13-17°C and numerous rainy days and then much warmer weather for the rest of the year with maximum daily temperatures ranging from 20-29°C and predominately sunny days. ..... Read Full Detailed Description

Broome, Western Australia   

Ideal For : Families, couples and groups who love exploring, adventure and luxury holidays.
The climate in Broome consists of warm to hot weather all year round with average maximum daily temperatures ranging from 29 - 35°C. The daytime and nighttime temperatures are slightly cooler and more pleasant between the months are May and September. There is relatively little rainfall between the months of April and November, but during the tropical season (December to March) the days are much ..... Read Full Detailed Description

Alice Springs, Northern Territory   

Ideal For : International tourists, families with older children and couples.
Alice Springs in central Australia features warm and sunny weather with minimal rainfall all year around. On average there are 5 or less rainy days each month and even when it does rain the amount is generally not significant. The weather is coolest between the months of May and August with average maximum daily temperatures ranging from 19-23°C and overnight minimum temperatures dropping to below ..... Read Full Detailed Description

Port Douglas, Queensland   

Ideal For : Romance seeking couples, honeymooners, relaxing getaways and luxury family holidays.
Port Douglas has a truly tropical climate with 2 very distinct seasons. There is the dry season which lasts from April to November with minimal rainfall, average daytime temperatures of 28°C and average evening temperatures of 21°C. Then during the wet season from December to March there is significantly more rainfall (mostly in the evening and at night), average daytime temperatures of 31°C ..... Read Full Detailed Description

Katherine, Northern Territory   

Ideal For : International travellers, families and couples looking for a unique outback wilderness experience.
The weather in Katherine is always hot with average maximum daily temperatures ranging from 30°C in June and July through to a whopping 38°C in October and November. The only real thing that changes with the Katherine weather is the humidity and the amount of rainfall. There is virtually no rainfall between the months of April and October and then the monsoon season kicks in and there is enormous ..... Read Full Detailed Description

Adelaide Hills, South Australia   

Ideal For : Families visiting from interstate or couples looking for a romantic weekend retreat.
Due to the fact that this region is located in the hills surrounding Adelaide the weather is a lot cooler than in the city. During the months months (June - August) the Adelaide Hills has an average maximum daily temperature of about 13-14°C as well as plenty of rain. From late September the rain becomes less frequent and the temperature begins to warm up until it reaches an average maximum daily ..... Read Full Detailed Description

Townsville, Queensland   

Ideal For : Longer stay holidays for families, retirees or couples looking for fun and sun.
Townsville in the northern part of Queensland experiences warm to hot temperatures all year round with an average maximum daily temperature ranging from 25°C in June and July through to 31°C in December, January and February. The main difference that can be felt in the Townsville weather is the humidity and the amount of rainfall which really begins to pick up in late November through until ..... Read Full Detailed Description