Where To Travel in July

The month of July is the middle of winter in the southern states of Australia and the height of the snow skiing season at the Victorian and New South Wales alpine resorts. So unless you are looking for fun in the snow many people from southern Australia head up to Queensland, Western Australia or the Northern Territory to escape the cold and get some much needed sunshine. The weather in the northern part of Australian during July is generally dry and warm, which makes it the ideal place for a family holiday or romantic getaway with that special someone. It may be classified as the tourist high season in many parts of northern Australia during July but you will still be able to find affordable accommodation and flights if you look around.

Below are some great ideas of Where to Travel in July for a Memorable Holiday:

Noosa, Queensland   

Ideal For : Family holidays, group getaways and couples looking for relaxation.
Noosa enjoys really great weather with a hot tropical summer and a beautifully warm winter. Noosa is coldest during Winter (June to August) with the average daily maximum temperature of 20°C and a minimum temperature of 10°C. During Spring (September to November) Noosa experiences the least amount of rain and features warm days with an average maximum temperature of 24°C. During Summer ..... Read Full Detailed Description

Broome, Western Australia   

Ideal For : Families, couples and groups who love exploring, adventure and luxury holidays.
The climate in Broome consists of warm to hot weather all year round with average maximum daily temperatures ranging from 29 - 35°C. The daytime and nighttime temperatures are slightly cooler and more pleasant between the months are May and September. There is relatively little rainfall between the months of April and November, but during the tropical season (December to March) the days are much ..... Read Full Detailed Description

Port Douglas, Queensland   

Ideal For : Romance seeking couples, honeymooners, relaxing getaways and luxury family holidays.
Port Douglas has a truly tropical climate with 2 very distinct seasons. There is the dry season which lasts from April to November with minimal rainfall, average daytime temperatures of 28°C and average evening temperatures of 21°C. Then during the wet season from December to March there is significantly more rainfall (mostly in the evening and at night), average daytime temperatures of 31°C ..... Read Full Detailed Description

Surfers Paradise, Queensland   

Ideal For : Family beach holidays, surfing enthusiasts, groups of friends looking to party and young couples wanting an exciting holiday.
Surfers Paradise on the South East coast of Queensland features a great sub-tropical climate with over 300 sunny days a year, an average summer temperature of 34°C (90°F) and an average winter temperatures of 18°C (65°F). ..... Read Full Detailed Description

Katherine, Northern Territory   

Ideal For : International travellers, families and couples looking for a unique outback wilderness experience.
The weather in Katherine is always hot with average maximum daily temperatures ranging from 30°C in June and July through to a whopping 38°C in October and November. The only real thing that changes with the Katherine weather is the humidity and the amount of rainfall. There is virtually no rainfall between the months of April and October and then the monsoon season kicks in and there is enormous ..... Read Full Detailed Description

Margaret River, Western Australia   

Ideal For : Couples looking for a romantic escape, wine lovers and surfing enthusiasts.
The south west Australian region of Margaret River has significantly more rainfall between the months of May and September with an average of 16-23 rainy days each month and also average maximum daily temperatures ranging from 16-20°C. Then from October onwards through to April it hardly rains at all and the average maximum daily temperature heats up to 28°C in January and February. ..... Read Full Detailed Description

Townsville, Queensland   

Ideal For : Longer stay holidays for families, retirees or couples looking for fun and sun.
Townsville in the northern part of Queensland experiences warm to hot temperatures all year round with an average maximum daily temperature ranging from 25°C in June and July through to 31°C in December, January and February. The main difference that can be felt in the Townsville weather is the humidity and the amount of rainfall which really begins to pick up in late November through until ..... Read Full Detailed Description