When To Travel To Australia

A lot of the time the dates for your holiday travel are fixed by either school holidays or work commitments. When this is the case it is always advisable to choose your holiday destination wisely so that you don't end up in the middle of a cyclone or having it rain every day. If you have the flexibility to decide when to travel to Australia then you will find choosing the ideal place to holiday much easier. In this situation where you travel will be based on what type of activities you enjoy, the type of weather you prefer, how crowded you want it to be and many other factors. Once you have picked out your ideal holiday destination then all you need to do is look at the preferred travel months for that place and then set about booking your holiday.

If you have decided when to travel to Australia then discover some of the more popular destinations for that time of year:

Where To Travel In January
The month of January is when the main school holidays in Australia occur and as such there are always lots of activities for the kids to enjoy, but some holiday places are over crowded, over priced or heavily booked.
Where To Travel In March
If you want to know where are the best places to travel in Australia throughout the month of March then read this section which is full of unique holiday spots for families, couples and groups of friends.
Where To Travel In May
During the month of May you will discover right across the southern states many fascinating holiday destinations that come alive with festivals and are full of colour as Autumn is in full swing.
Where To Travel In July
When travelling to Australia or going on holidays during the month of July you should read through this list which includes the destinations that are the best and most popular places to visit.
Where To Travel In September
The month of September includes 2 weeks of school holiday, but despite this there are still many great holiday places in the popular northern Australian states where you will find warmer weather during this time of year.
Where To Travel In November
If you are searching for exciting and interesting places to spend a holiday during the month of November then you must read through this list which includes both popular and relatively unknown holiday destinations.
Where To Travel In February
The month of February is generally reagrded as the hottest month in the southern states of Australia, whilst in the northern part of Australia the weather becomes very tropical and humid with plenty of heavy rain.
Where To Travel In April
If you want to know where to travel in April then this section features a list if the best places to visit within Australia for families with kids, adventure seekers and couples who want a relaxing time away.
Where To Travel In June
In the southern Australian states the month of June is cold, wet and wintery, but it is a great time to travel to northern Australia where the temperature is warm, the sun pleniful and the holiday activities endless.
Where To Travel In August
Holiday travel within Australia throughout August is generally limited to the northern states because it is significantly warmer and you can get some really great holiday deals on accommodation during this time.
Where To Travel In October
If you are still deciding when to travel to Australia then the month of October is a great choice, because many holiday spots are not too busy, the prices are reasonable and the weather is better all around the country.
Where To Travel In December
If you plan on taking a holiday in December before Christmas then you can get an absolute bargain in many popular destination, however if you travel after Christmas then everywhere will be busy, expensive and booked well in advance.