Seasons In Australia

The seasons in Australia are different depending on where in the country you are. The southern states like Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and the ACT are in a temperate zone and as such follow the usual seasons of Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. Each of these seasons last for 3 months with Winter running from the start of June to the end of August, Spring being September to November, Summer being December to February and Autumn going from March until the end of May.

The southern part of Western Australia also follows the temperate seasonal pattern, although the northern part of Western Australia, the Northern Territory and the majority of Queensland have a tropical climate. This means that their seasons are primarily broken into the dry season from April through to September and the wet season which extends from October through to March. Of course there are parts of the country where the 2 different seasonal climate mix, but as a general rule the further north you so the more tropical the seasons in Australia become.

Below is a map of Australia and a legend that clearly outlines the different climate regions across the country:

Map of Australian Seasons