Travel Information For Australia

When travelling around Australia many people discover that the distances between cities is very large and it takes a long time to drive from place to place. Even train trips across the country can take days, although they can be a nice and relaxed way of seeing the countryside. This is why most people prefer to fly when travelling from the east to west or south to north coast of Australia. It is because of these large distances that Australia has such a diverse range of climates and seasonal variations from region to region. The major business and holiday places in Australia also have a different feel to them, as well as various ways of getting around and finding out about local attractions and events.

Before Travelling in Australia take time to familiarise yourself with the following Travel Information about your particular destination:

Seasons In Australia
Australia is such a large country that there are different seasons and weather patterns for each state or region. Australia's climate, however, is generally classified into two different types, temperate and tropical.