Tourist Attractions in Australia

The continent of Australia is mostly filled with desert. There are however, lots of other different regions which have amazing landscapes containing some truly remarkable natural attractions. Australia is a large country, however, so it is impossible to see all of these natural wonders in one go. Instead travellers generally choose a particular area for each of their holidays and see all of the tourist attractions in that part of Australia. Apart from the beautiful attractions that nature has provided Australia with there is also numerous man-made tourist attractions in Australia that are just as interesting. So read through the lists on Travel In Australia to ensure that you don't miss out on any of the major attractions on your next holiday.

Below are the major cities in Australia and a list of the most popular tourist attractions in each of these destinations :

Tourist Attractions In Melbourne
Australia's second largest city Melbourne has many fun and exciting tourist attractions, ranging from kids rides and family entertainment through to educational and romantic activities.
Tourist Attractions In Brisbane
The city of Brisbane is a fun and vibrant place to visit and includes exciting attractions and popular activities that will not only suit families with kids but also couples and individuals.
Tourist Attractions On The Gold Coast
Australia's premier holiday destination of the Gold Coast is extremely popular with overseas and international travellers which is why it has so many different tourist attractions available.
Tourist Attractions In Perth
The western Australian city of Perth is known for its warm weather and consequently features a number of tourist attractions and activities that will get you outdoors and enjoying the sun.
Tourist Attractions In Hobart
If you are on holidays in Hobart or touring around Southern Tasmania you will find a number of interesting places to visit and fascinating locations which will ensure that you are never short of something to do.
Tourist Attractions In Cairns
The popular tourist city of Cairns in Far North Queensland is known as the gateway to the marvellous Great Barrier Reef, but it also features a variety of other tourist attractions to keep you entertained on your holiday.
Tourist Attractions In Sydney
Sydney is full of major tourist attractions that are known throughout the world, but there is much more to this city than just the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Tourist Attractions In Adelaide
When you stay in the relaxed surroundings of Adelaide you will discover any number of different activities, places to visit and exciting tourist attractions which are suitable for all ages.
Tourist Attractions On The Sunshine Coast
The Queensland Sunshine Coast is more relaxed and family friendly than the Gold Coast and therefore features plenty of popular tourist attractions that are ideal for young kids and parents.
Tourist Attractions In Darwin
Darwin is located in the Top End of Australia and includes some truly amazing activities, places to visit and tourist attractions that are popular with both interstate and overseas travellers.
Tourist Attractions In Canberra
The national capital city of Canberra not only houses the Australian Parliament but also features a wide selection of interestinf attractions and activities that will keep tourists of all ages entertained.