Holiday Destinations in Australia

Tourism in Australia is a very large industry which accounts for a significant proportion of the country's economy. So much so that travellers are spoilt for choice when is comes to holiday destinations in Australia. There are thousands of great places to stay spread right across the length and breadth of the country. Each holiday destination has its own unique charm and local attractions that appeals to certain holiday makers. So whether you are a family with young kids, couple looking for a romantic getaway or group of friends looking for fun you are sure to find the ideal place for your next holiday in Australia.

If you are looking for Holiday Destinations in Australia then search through the following popular categories:

Top 10 Holiday Destinations
Rather than a subjective list of the best holiday destinations this top 10 list is based on the popularity of international travellers and Australians on holidays.
Holiday Destinations in New South Wales
Right across New South Wales you will find a variety of different regions each with its own unique holiday appeal, from the outback and farming plains to the mountains and the coast.
Holiday Destinations in Queensland
Queensland is well known throughout the world as a holiday destination and there are literally hundreds of different location within the state where you can spend your next vacation.
Holiday Destinations in Victoria
Victoria is a great state to holiday in because everything is within such easy reach. The snowfields, popular wine regions, national parks and coastal townships are all just a few hours drive from each other..